Josh. 23. southern soul living in the midwest. music, running, bikes and exploring.



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  1. Well it’s time

    I’ve come to the conclusion that tumblr isn’t exactly “doing it” for me anymore. If you by chance want to stay in touch you can follow me on Instagram where I’m much more active.

    IG: jkharp

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  6. Purity Ring - Fineshrine


  7. adreianpayne:

yes hello we are open good morning


    yes hello we are open good morning


  8. "It’s crazy when you think about it. Some of the saddest people you will ever meet, are the ones you think have everything under control. We have our whole lives to think about our selves. It’s important to devote some of that time to the special people in our lives. The people who help us keep our control."
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    Bon Iver
    Beth/Rest (Rare Book Room Version)
    Rare Book Room


    Bon Iver, Beth/Rest (Rare Book Room Version)

    this song is a reason to live; this song is like the moon; this song is like redemption; this song is like a kiss. this song is like forgiveness. this song is like forgiving.

  10. "You Just Got Slapped" by Boyz II Men